Thankful Thursday: The Little Things

I am thankful for the little things my husband does for me.

  • I opened the fridge the other day and there was a cold diet dr. pepper waiting for me.  It’s my little caffeinated treat that I only get when he surprises me.
  • The High Five – Low Five (without looking) we do when we pass each other in the hall.
  • The bear hug that also realigns my spine without having to pay a $20 co-pay at the Chiropractor’s office.
  • He openly tells the world (his Facebook friends) that I make great banana bread.
  • Saying something or touching me in a way that lets me know he still finds me attractive after all these years.
  • The way he holds me or touches my hand as we are falling asleep comforts me and let’s me know he will always be there.
  • Reading up on soil, buying books, buying a bunch of stuff I didn’t know we needed, and helping me figure out how to make a garden grow — so we can do it together.
  • Loving me with all my flaws. **This is not a little thing. I have flaws – a lot of them — so this is a HUGE thing, but he makes it seems effortless so I put it on the list.

The little things really do add up to a whole big pile of wonderful.

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