Thankful Thursday: Job Offers

Whoda thunk it? After nearly 11 full months of looking for work… last Thursday, I received a job offer for a position I have been interested in since SEPTEMBER! 

History Lesson

I applied everywhere for all kinds of jobs, doing all kinds of things.  I have a six page resume that might seem overwhelming to some, but seemed just right for my new boss.  Yes, the resume length is daunting, but something on there must have really caught his eye because he had HR call me for an interview for a job I didn’t apply to!  How often does that happen?

We started this process last year.  When they closed the job I applied to, though HR told me I was still an applicant, I was confused. I felt the opportunity was lost.  My heart sank.

Out of the blue and many months later, a different HR representative emailed me asking me to come in for yet another in person interview. This would be my third! *faint*  She also asked me to apply to a new job requisition they have on their website.  My heart was racing and my mind was frantic. WAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  THIS was the job I wanted. THIS was the job the boss had talked about. THIS is the one I was so excited to start last year!

The interview went well. I felt like it was a “let’s make sure we really still want her” type of talk and it ended with me asking where my cube would be.  Sure, I was hopeful, but I was also asking in jest.  What did the boss do?  He pointed to an empty cube just outside his office. YES!!!  You know those butterflies you get in your stomach when you’re nervous or scared?  It might be odd, but I think I get the same butterflies when I’m excited (maybe I am nervous + excited?).  I’ll take these butterflies every day of the week if it means I have a job I am interested in, has advancement opportunities, and an income.  His actions and our conversation made me feel like an offer would be coming any day.

A week passes.

Two weeks pass. If this company is anything like a previous employer, it will take four weeks to get through the HR process to have an offer available.  At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

Three weeks pass.

Four weeks pass.

It’s over isn’t it? They didn’t really want me… it’s simply… over. Mid-week I get an email to authorize a background check. Oh?!  I’m back in the game! Hot diggity! They like me! THEY LIKE ME!! THEY REALLY LIKE ME?!??! Wahoo!!!  I fill in the paperwork they need that day.  I get an auto response two days later with my background check completed. I am who I say I am – great! The offer will be any day now… right?

Exactly 5 weeks from my in person interview (a Thursday) rolls around… and SO DOES THE OFFICIAL OFFER!!! WAHOO!!!!

**insert happy dance and the feeling of wanting to hurl here**

I have accepted the offer and we are working out the details of coming on board. 

I am so very thankful for the offer and for the opportunity to try on something new and make a difference for this company.

Thank you so much MMC Racing for sticking with me, supporting me, and holding me when I was scared and crying that this day would never come. We did it!

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