Thankful Thursday: Spur of the moment visits

I still haven’t learned how to keep a clean house, so when a friend knocks on the door, sometimes I hesitate to answer.  The counters always seem to catch an extra plate, cup, and fork that didn’t make it into the dishwasher.  The kitchen table always has mail on it, and usually a computer part. The floors always have dirt and little rocks which my shoes and the girls drag in.  The living room, which is open to the kitchen, is likely to have a blanket or two strewn across the couch, a pair of socks on the floor where I was sitting that night before, and a bra of some kind that just had to come off right then and there (that didn’t make it into the dirty clothes pile in the bedroom)!

I end up opening the door and inviting my friend into the mess that is my house.  I figure, if they are really my friend, they can handle a lived in house and accept me, and my house, for who we are.  Heck, if my friends can handle mismatched socks and hair that is disheveled most of the time, then they can handle a messy kitchen. It’s just who I am. Love me or leave me.

I adore it when people visit me.  I am shocked and surprised that someone needs me or wants to see me. How great of a compliment is that?!  I am thankful my friends think of me and visit.  I do the same when I have time to visit, if I need help, or want to share some love.

When the doorbell rang after dinner one night, I was happy to learn it was a neighbor who lives around a couple corners. She came over to bring me some fresh Rosemary from the garden.  I love cooking with Rosemary!  What a nice surprise.  She was going to bring it over the night or to earlier, but forgot. It wasn’t any big deal she forgot – she was simply doing me a favor by bringing it over.  We sat on the front porch for a few minutes since she only had time to run (literally) down and back.  It’s a great way to get in a few minutes of cardio in the day!

Her knock on the door a few nights before was also a surprise.  She had come over with the boys and we all played with the puppy in the back yard for a little while.  We were able to catch up a bit on life (doctor appointments, kids health, etc.).  We traded newspaper bags (for picking up poop) for recycling which she turns in for money and adds to the kids’ college funds.  I also snuck in a few magazines I thought she would like to look through and a special cat treat for her furbabies.

The boys were running around with Annie having fun, trying not to be jumped on (she still gets soooo excited). When there was poop stuck in a shoe, we decided it was time to call it quits.  Oy! Poop always ruins things!  *Side note: I pick up poop a LOT. Every other morning or so, and I had JUST picked some up that morning! Arg!* I hugged her goodbye, opened the side gate so there was no poop tracked in the house, and wished them a good evening.  The boys grabbed their wheeled devices from the side of the house and she went walking or running after them all the way home.


I’ll try to keep a cleaner kitchen counter… maybe.  It’s the heart of this house. The things we need the most are there.  I’m never going to have a CLEANED OFF kitchen counter, but maybe I can keep the dirty dishes in the dishwasher or cleaned more often.

When I am in the kitchen I am in mom mode, not writer mode, so the kitchen gets cleaned or shuffled around, but I hardly remove anything from the kitchen because I am followed by 8 furry feet when I leave.  When I get followed by 8 furry feet I just want to play, snuggle, and rub on them which in turn leads us back to the kitchen floor where the dog bed is and we snuggle or play.  It’s a vicious cycle of keeping the kitchen cleaned up, playing with the kids, and having unexpected guests in the dirtiest room in my house.  Long live the cycle!!!  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Less guests and a clean house is boring and I never invite boring over to visit.



Note: This was written before Sam passed and I didn’t alter before it was posted.

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