Thankful Thursday – Naps

I love naps.  I am thankful my life is currently flexible enough to allow for naps. I would be more happy if my days were filled with fulltime employment, but for now I’ll be thankful for what I have.

When I am woken up at 4am by Annie, it seems my day is a heck of a lot longer than it should be.  I pass out on the couch around 8pm many nights (of course I have a warm puppy in my lap or laying next to me, it’s hard NOT to fall asleep). On a day what I get a nap in, I can usually make it until bedtime – 9pm. I know… I’m a real night owl aren’t I?

Just a few more minutes... please?
Just a few more minutes… please?

Naps are so refreshing to me.  I feel like I can accomplish nearly anything after a nap!  I can do things like clean the house, wash some laundry, or write a blog post!

I did a internet little research on naps because I feel naps are good for you. Not just “feel good” for you but I think they could be healthy for us.  I feel more awake, more alert, more engaged, after a nap.  How could that be a bad thing?  Does that make me lazy?  If I were in Europe I would be the odd girl out because I wasn’t napping (I’m always the odd girl out, but that’s a different post).

My internet research shows that Naps are good for most people in short bits. A ‘cat nap’ (for whatever reason) is best — between 10-20 minutes.  How could something to short be so rejuvenating?  No idea, and I’m no scientist.  I do know that those long naps really make me more tired during the day and then I unable to sleep at night.

Are you a napper?

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