Thankful Thursday – Friends Who Kicked Cancer’s Ass

Yep. You heard me right. I am thankful for close friends that have kicked cancer’s ass.  HH  is a very close friend of mine that I cherish having in my life.  I didn’t really know her well BC (Before Cancer) but I know her well now and love her.

HH and I met through a mutual friend, SM. It’s a little confusing, try to stay with me. I used to work with SM’s husband, JM, so I met SM through JM. SM’s brother, SH, and JM were besties.  SH was married HH. How I met the girls, I can’t remember, but it’s all JM’s fault we’re such great friends. Thanks JM!

HH, SM, and I all started hanging out on Oncologist Appointment days. The day that HH had to get a check up to make sure the bad stuff stayed gone.  We go out for Sushi and Massages — the perfect girl date.  I feel like we have been doing this our whole lives at this point, but it’s only been a couple years.  With every visit I learn more and more about my friend.  Little bits and pieces about how it was missed and then how it was found; how she keeps herself going; what she wants to be when she grows up. You know, all those little bits of information that make the whole picture come together.

HH’s picture is beautiful.

HH is fun loving, energetic, and thankful. She lost the ability to carry children due to her illness. For someone who really wants kids, this is an awful tragedy.  Don’t despair.  She isn’t giving up that easily on being a mom!  HH worked with her doctors to preserve an ovary full of eggs!! That’s right. One day HH will be a mom via a surrogate.  She’s even got a few folks lined up already, willing and able to donate their uterus for her babies! Yes, I said babies! She isn’t the type of girl be one and done.

HH works hard locally to fund raise for the organization Stupid Cancer.  She also works at a full time job, makes time for friends, goes to school, has a great partner in life, and is currently dog sitting.  She embodies the Stupid Cancer slogan: “Get Busy Living.”

I am thankful for HH, and my other friends (maybe they’ll be featured in a future blog) that have kicked cancer’s ass.

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