Thankful Thursday – Friends I’ve Never Met

After posting about Sammy and her ball playing last week, I decided it was important to say what I am thankful for at least once a week.  Maybe this will keep me posting regularly?! 😉

I am thankful for dear friends. Specifically, friends I consider close friends but have never actually met in person.  How is this possible?  It’s amazing what the internet can do!

Two people specifically stick out for me.  A 350Z chick and dog mom (who also has a human baby) who I could always talk to and who could call me with news. A former boss-like guy and a now confidant and “idea bouncer offer” guy.

These two, who are also followers (thank you for that!) may not know how much they mean to me, but they’re going to find out today!

TP — I always feel like I can call, text, email, or message you and you’ll get back to me with your advice, a distinct answer, or a specific recommendation.  You have helped me over the last SEVERAL years in countless ways. Always there with a word of encouragement, the virtual shoulder to cry on, and the best virtual hugs ever. 

We met via an online car forum.  Who knew friends could be made so quickly talking about cars?  Well, I was new to the car scene and TP was a welcoming soul who appreciated another girl driver.  We would talk about cars, dogs, husbands, cooking, cleaning…you know… life.  While we both have other things that pull us away from driving these days, we are sure to keep in touch via social media and email. When I have a dog mom question she is one of the first ones I turn to for an answer. I wish one day we can get together — your place or mine it doesn’t matter.  One day we’ll be able to share a REAL HUG.

SO – You always make time for me. We both get busy, but you always find time to shoot an email to give an update, give some words of wisdom, or give that little push I need that I didn’t know I needed.  You share your thoughts on my ideas, questions, and goals.  You don’t hold back. You send me unsolicited information you feel will help me grow and learn. You are a great sounding board.

SO used to be one of my 5 bosses, but I don’t think he would ever put it that way. We were really teammates on a team which he was the leader (and he might beg to differ on that as well).  Always open to new ideas. Always willing to make time to talk.  Always willing to give “my way” a chance.  I haven’t met a person so willing to take on change and learn new things than SO.  When I left our workplace, you and your team are the group I missed the most (still do).  Thank you for being you and for accepting me and my flaws.  While I was forced on your (back when it was George’s) team, you did take the time to get to know me and see that I could be an asset to the group. You continue that now, even though we don’t work together.  You continue to guide me down a new path and accept me for my faults.  One day — when you bike across country or I finally buy that plane ticket — we will break bread together and raise a glass to our past, present, and future.

I am thankful for you, my friends I have never met.

Who are you thankful for?

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