Thankful Thursday – Treat Toys

This may be a little late for Thanksgiving, but I don’t feel that one month or one day is only time of year we need to say we are thankful.  I tend to post on my personal Facebook page when I am thankful for the little things.  The little daily moments make a big impact on me and how I feel for the day or the week.

Monday, I was thankful my senior dog wanted to play with a ball. 

I know. I know. It may seem a silly to be thankful for play, but playtime is a precious commodity these days. She is over 15 years old and slow to move, but when she wags her tail and gives me a smile — I melt into a puddle of pure mommy joy.


Sam always looks so jealous when Annie gets a treat toy, that I decided to give Sam a treat toy at the same time.  Annie was on a pillow off camera and Sam was gnawing away at the hard cookie inside the ball.  She was in all her glory!  She chewed on the ball, crunched off a piece of cookie, chewed on the ball.  When it rolled away, she got up to go after it.  She doesn’t much care when a ball rolls passed her anymore, but this ball with this cookie — wasn’t going to pass her by!


I stopped whatever it was that I was doing to watch Sam enjoy herself.  I got that warm fuzzy feeling in my heart. That feeling that we are doing the right thing for her in her old age.  That sense that she is still a happy dog.

I am a happy momma. 

I realized something about myself too: If I were working right now, I would be missing out on times like these.  These little moments that make life so wonderful.  While the money is helpful to have, it’s these moments with my first born that I can never get back and money will never replace.

What small moments are you thankful for?

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