What the day has in store…

What the day has in store…

  • I applied for a few jobs already, but nothing that I am really expecting a call back on.
  • I watched a 4:41 minute TedTalk (see link http://www.upworthy.com/a-firefighter-went-to-put-out-a-fire-but-he-had-no-idea-he-would-be-a-hero-of-a-different-kind-5?c=ufb1). 
  • I cleaned up yesterday’s email pile (working on more email clean up, but that is a never ending battle for me).
  • 8:20am vet appointment for the puppy.
  • Must make an appointment for the senior for vaccines.
  • Go to Dog Park with puppy. 
  • Go to pet store to return a couple items and buy a couple items (someone needs a new Nylabone).
  • Head home and wait for UPS to deliver a much anticipated box for MMC Racing. 
  • Bake a Banana Bread loaf (or two)
  • I’ll probably get some cleaning done.
  • Maybe, just maybe, I’ll even plan a few meals (what’s in that freezer of ours?). 
  • Oh look — a blog post too!

Yesterday I felt today was going to be complete crap.  This morning, I feel much better about what is to come.  I hope your Monday is a great one. Do something you enjoy and keep loving life.


Happy Monday!  What are you doing with your Monday?

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