Lost and Wandering

If you’re wondering where I have been… that is where.

Some days are great and I feel perfectly happy.  Some days I hit a depressive low. 

It’s hard when you know your unemployment benefits are coming to an end and you have no job lined up to supplement the household income.

Add to that the pressure you put on yourself because you haven’t followed through with what you told yourself you would.

Then, add the stress of interviews (which are a wonderful thing) and answering a gazillion questions and feeling the need to justify your existence to a complete stranger who may become your boss.

And add on top of all that your senior dog, your first born child, is getting older and older day by day. Seizures happen on a regular basis. She walks into the things and can’t hear you.

And what do you do when ALL of these things happen in a 2 day timeframe?

I don’t know what you do, but I found that I just want to be alone. No writing. No blogging. No creativity. No nothing but worry and anxiety.  Now that all those things have hit me, maybe I can get back to being my normal self. To relax, be happy, smile again, feel better, write, learn, create.

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