This is hard

Yep, I said it. NaNoWriMo + Blog Contest + every day life is HARD WORK!

I haven’t been keeping up on my NaNo (there were two whole days I didn’t write!) and I am hoping to catch up this weekend. I started my day at 4am because Annie needed to use the facilities, so I thought I would stay up and utilize the quiet hours.

My friend over at VA Cyclists 4A Cause hooked me up with a blog contest on top of NaNo! Now I am trying to write several hundred words a week for this! What the heck am I thinking?

I’m thinking: if I want to write for a living I will find a way to do everything I need to do, which includes writing.

Writing the NaNo is as hard as I was expecting it to be. Sometimes I have dry spells in creativity. Sometimes, as I said before, life gets in the way of writing. I have the puppy who still needs to go out often. She needs to be kept in eye shot or ear shot. Annie can’t be in the living room while I’m in the office. I don’t trust her quite yet since she decided to #1 in the kitchen in front of her Daddy a few days ago.

She also needs a lot of exercise so that means running around in the backyard, going for walks, and going to the dog park. Most of which take time to prepare for, do, and settle in afterwards.

Then there are my to-dos: job hunting, interviewing, appointments, house cleaning, and cooking. The job hunting and interviewing take up most of the time, by far. The résumé rewrite I completed last week took an entire day. It needed to be right, fitting, and informative. Then I applied to several opportunities with my new résumé.

When was I supposed to find time to write? I guess for those two days, I wasn’t. Today on the other hand — write away!!

I have over 1000 words for the NaNo and I’m not done yet. I already prepped the veggies for dinner and now it is time to get back to the NaNo, after I start a load of laundry this is.

How do you keep on track when the going gets tough?

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