Food! Did you know…

I am still learning to cook yummy food? Yeah. I have been cooking for several months now – not every day, and not usually anything fancy — and I am I’m learning.  I can follow recipe really well now, and feel confident I know what I am doing.  I braised beef the other day – I can’t […]

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Live Forever. Please?

Remember that post (That I can’t seem to find now) about cherishing every day — Specifically to cherish every day with your older pets?  I mean it! Samantha, had two seizures a VERY LONG time ago when she was just a toddler, but we weren’t there for the events.  She was at a kennel / […]

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This is hard

Yep, I said it. NaNoWriMo + Blog Contest + every day life is HARD WORK! I haven’t been keeping up on my NaNo (there were two whole days I didn’t write!) and I am hoping to catch up this weekend. I started my day at 4am because Annie needed to use the facilities, so I […]

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All I want for Christmas

Ok, ok, that is NOT a picture of Cujo right there though it might as well be since Annie is a biting fool! It is really a close up of Annie’s missing two front teeth!  This girl is growing like a weed! Yesterday we noticed a ‘hole’ in her gums — “OH! She must have […]

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October Newsletter!

I posted the October Sky Ranch Newsletter on my Writing page this morning. You can read Paula’s Perspective and Dreams Come True in their original form. You will also learn more about Fire Preparedness in “Don’t Get Burned!” — Thanks to Melissa Johnson for interviewing the Fire Chief for this article. Additionally you will see links […]

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This is what I needed

I really needed a kick in the pants to focus on writing and NaNoWriMo is it! I am surpassing my goal of 1700 words per day. I am working on two books at one time. I am keeping notes on other books as I think of them for the future. Yeah. This is what I […]

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