It will get better

At some point in this puppy raising, it will get better, right?

Yes, it will. It will take some time, but then it will be better.

While most nights Annie is quiet, I am still on edge. Sometimes Sam is the one that is awake and pacing.

Momma can’t seem to catch a break.

I am happy to have both Sam and Annie in my life, no matter how tired I get.

This morning I opted to go back to bed. I told Annie, “pen” and she went in. I have her a cookie and a couple toys, then zipped up the crate.
I enjoyed a shower with MMC Racing, towelled off, and laid back down. Next thing I know I am saying goodbye to MMC and I’m off to sleepy land. It’s about 6:30am.

I enjoy the weirdest dreams (if only I had the sense to make a note of them) for the next 4 hours. Holy cow!! I slept for 4 hours!!! 10:15 rolls around and I am waking up slowly. I realize how good I feel. Refreshed. I am aching in parts I haven’t felt in a long time. That’s alright. I’ll take aching a bit over being so damn tired. I have a brain and concentration. Whoa!! This is something different.

I had enough energy and concentration today to apply for several jobs. I had the patience for Annie’s puppiness. I did skip out on a couple obligations today, but I didn’t feel the need to ditch out on home life (a.k.a. put Annie in a crate and leave the house).

Tomorrow, I am going to master a cover letter for a great job and do some laundry. I’m supposed to go to a speech contest tomorrow but I’m not sure I want to go. I’d much rather spend my time at home with my family. I haven’t seen MMC much this week due to his work so I would take him over the contest any day!!!!

Today was a better day. And tomorrow will be better than today. It does get better.

Annie now knows how to do a lot of tricks: shake, shake other, high five on both paws, sit, (lay) down, and speak!
Yeah Annie!!!!


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