Where Have I Been?

Gooooood question!

I have been busy!  That’s not really an excuse for not posting, but it is the truth. I have been on the job hunt, writing the newsletter, learning new things, cooking, and being a full time puppy mom and senior dog mom.  I never really thought being a stay home mom was hard, until I became one! Sheesh! There isn’t time in the day to do a dam thing! Well… not the things that I used to think were important anyway.  It is more important that I am a mom to our beautiful girls.  Annie needs a lot of attention and direction as a puppy so she can enjoy a wonderful adult life with us.  Of course, she does sleep, but when she does sleep, I want to nap too! I’m beat!  Then the Senior Dog, Samantha, needs her own love and attention so she knows she is not forgotten.  She will always be my first born and will always be number one.  I need to make sure she knows that!  The poor gal got herself some type of eye infection so we’re off to the vet this week for a check up and medication.

The job hunt, as always, is in full gear. I spend several hours a day going through email and job boards, making connections, and calling recruiters to see what I can get.  It’s a tough world out there.

I just completed the community newsletter for October. It took a lot longer than I had hoped, but there were some last minute community changes that needed to happen, so there was a delay in publication.  I posted Paula’s Perspective on Tuesday and I will post Dreams Come True this week; two of my interviews for this month.

I’ve also taken learning SharePoint. Yes, I’m supposed to be learning PowerShell and SQL too, but I have a good lead on a SharePoint gig and I am focusing on refreshing and learning new things with that productivity tool.  I’ll get to those other things, but right now SharePoint has got point.

And cooking! I cooked last week! :O  It’s been a while since I had been in the kitchen and damn did it feel good to be in there again!  I find it hard to put Annie in her play pen and not have free space to run around. I want her to understand how the house works, but maybe I was wanting her to learn too quickly.  I would let her have some freedom at the expense of getting things done around here.  She is much more trustworthy now (not completely, but soooo much better), and I can give her space while I’m prepping in the kitchen. Oh glorious day!  I made two dinners and a dessert last week. Oh yeah! I’m rockin’ now!  What? You think I should cook every night? Yeah, I think MMC Racing and I do to, but it doesn’t happen. Real life gets in the way of cooking and we get some take out or eat leftovers. That’s my reality. What about yours?

I will do my best to post about what I cooked last week. Pork Tacos, another round of fresh ground burgers, and Pumpkin Crunch!



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