Paula’s Perspective

Please enjoy my next homeowner interview:

Neighbor Spotlight  — Paula’s Perspective

I’ll admit it.  I might be too much of a “dog person” because I learned more about Paula’s dog, Lucky, than I did about Paula at the beginning of the interview. I’ll save Lucky’s story for a little later, let’s get to know Paula first!

“WOW! What an amazing view!”  I am still astonished at the views up here on our ‘hill.’  Every time I enter a neighbor’s back yard for the first time, I am taken aback at the breathtaking view.  Paula’s view is amazing, as is Paula B.

Paula is the fourth of five sisters in her family, born and raised in the University City neighborhood of San Diego.  She has accomplished several things I will never do!  She graduated from SDSU with a Nursing degree.  She married Scott Heimer about 4 years ago.  She completed a full marathon and two half marathons within 6 months at the age for 42! When I asked, how does it feel to have accomplished the marathons, her reply, “It was pretty awesome.”  I’m pretty sure it was pretty awesome to do all of those things.

Paula utilizes her degree every day as a Registered Nurse whose focus is weight management and health education. She is the director of Sharp-Rees Steely’s Weight Management and Health Education Department.  Paula started her career as a Critical Care Nurse before moving into health education.  She mentioned her group is seeing more and younger patients being referred to her department for weight related issues than ever before.  I don’t know much about health care providers or how funding works for programs like this so I asked, is it hard to support more people on what I assume is a shrinking budget? She explained Sharp-Rees Steely is dedicated to prevention of weight related diseases so she has the funding and support she needs to provide continuing services to the growing number of patients.

In order to keep herself healthy (and follow her own advice) she takes a walk 5 days a week, down and up the hills of Sky Ranch.  When you see that fit brunette walking around, wave and say “Hi, Paula!”  Let her know if you want to join her and a neighbor on their walk; it starts on Ocotillo early each weekday morning.  When she’s not walking around the neighborhood, she’s swimming in her pool or playing with her two dogs – Friday and Lucky.  You were wondering when I was going to bring him back up, weren’t you?

Lucky, is a loving, energetic, white furbaby.  He was found roaming the streets of Sky Ranch several years ago.  He was about 10 months old at the time and was not wearing a collar with tags. Paula called animal control as he was obviously lost, and hoped they could find his parents. Just five days later they called her back saying she needed to come get him or he would be euthanized.  WHAT?!  That beautiful baby boy was not adoptable? He’s a puppy, how could he not be adoptable? Aggressive? You have got to be kidding! I can tell you first hand that he is a lover, not a fighter.

Meet Paula with Lucky and Scott with Friday
Meet Paula with Lucky and Scott with Friday

For Paula, rescuing Lucky was doing what comes natural.  She volunteers for California Labradors Retrievers & More Rescue  (a.k.a. Labs and More)  writing the biography information for all the animals that come into the rescue.  How does one write a bio for a dog or puppy?  It’s harder than you would think!  She has to gather information from the person fostering the dog and pull information from the paperwork from where the dog came from.  Labs and More takes in dogs of all ages from high kill shelters and they don’t always have a lot of information available.  She does try to meet every pet in person so she can give a firsthand account about temperament and personality.  She tries to accentuate the positives of each animal, but does not hide the truth.  If an animal is not good with kids, then it’s not good with kids.  Labs and More strives to find the perfect fitting forever home for their animals.  Check out Paula’s work – read the bio’s of the animals on the Labs and More website and see if you could be a furbaby’s forever home.  Many of these animals need foster homes before they can go to their permanent families.  Sky Ranch proudly has two homes acting as fosters for Labs and More, thanks to Paula’s hard work.  If you would like to become a foster family to a needy pet – please contact Paula or the rescue @

Thank you, Paula, for inviting me into your home, sharing your time with me, and letting the community get to know another neighbor.

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