My day off

I know what you’re thinking — she isn’t working, she gets a day off?

Yep!!! I had the day off from all things motherly or housewifery. I recently spent from 8:15 – 5:00 at a local car show trying to sell my truck. Yes, that is still work, but it was different. There was a possibility I could make some money!

I was also able to meet some friends. Get reacquainted with old friends, write for the newsletter, read a book on puppy training What? Read a book? Who has time for that anymore?
Well, today, THIS GIRL!!!!!

I feel refreshed. I barely parented this morning as I had a headache and MMC Racing let me sleep in, after my 3:45am dog walking adventure in the weee hours of the morn. I got the truck ready for sale, gathered my stuff, and was out the door. I will admit that it felt very wierd to be at a car show all day, with two short visits from the man. I don’t think I have ever spent an entire day at a car show and not wanted to kill myself or someone else. It was refreshing to be outside all day. No real responsibilities except to answer questions about the truck. Wow. Happiness.

I came home to dinner being made to order for me, the kids were taken care of, and I could be the playmate / jungle gym for the puppy.

I was just that until she got out of hand with the senior. I loaded up on water and headed to the sauna. Oh yes. A perfect ending to a “work day” if you ask me.

My time is about up, so I should bring this post to a close, and say good night.

Good night and be well.

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