Remember to breathe!!!

What great advice from a friend and mentor.

This is advice I think we all could use in daily life, for all occasions: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

This was a timely email message for me.  I have needed more patience in the last few weeks than I have ever needed before; this week specifically this week.  

The puppy needs to go outside about every 30 minutes while she’s awake. She needs to be trained to do tricks. She needs learn her boundaries. She needs to learn what is appropriate to chew on.  While I could put her in a crate where she will not pee, she will not learn anything.  This takes patience and practice and patience and practice and patience and practice and patience and practice. 

The senior dog can hardly hear or see.  She’s got aches and pains, trips, slips, and can’t always stand up easily.  She doesn’t always know where she is in the house anymore.  She will walk into the bedroom closet and not know how to get out.  She is patient but sometimes freaks out because she doesn’t understand her surroundings.  She has special needs as an older dog, and I am trying diligently not to forget what she needs and to give her the attention she deserves and has always had her whole life.

Just when I think I can sit down, there is something else that needs to be tended to.  I get distracted by the whining, the scratching, and the flopping around of the puppy in the play pen.  I get distracted by where the senior is, does she need something, is she okay?  I can’t seem to keep my brain focused on anything for more than 10 minutes.  I am washing dishes, then the phone rings, then the puppy has to go out, then I train the puppy.  Then I realize I’m hungry, so I look for something to eat.  I rummage, find a snack or a protein shake, and try to remember what I was doing before I took the puppy out. Then the senior needs to go out. Repeat.

When I do sit down to work on the computer, it is typically to surf social media because that’s all I have an attention span for, or try to instant message with MMC Racing.  Of course there is job hunting still happening, and email being replied to, and attempts at blogging and writing.  

It has taken me a solid week to write this one post, in several sessions of writing, re-reading, and re-writing.  It is amazing what comes out to the keyboard when you’re sleep deprived… I hope this is a coherent post and gives you some insight into my insanity/sanity (whichever).

I handled the puppy situation. I snuggled the senior.  I cleaned what I needed to clean.  I found the kitchen table this week.  I found the kitchen counters this week.  I hand cleaned nearly every tile in the kitchen (not by choice).  I managed to get my laundry in the correct baskets, even if I haven’t washed them yet.  I even managed to get a walk (or two) in nearly every day with the puppy so she can get tired out, I can get some exercise, and we both can get some fresh air.  I did it.  I may have missed out on completing other things I wanted to get done, but I did the things that were required to be completed. Go me!

When life gives you something you feel you can’t handle — Stop — believe you can do it — take a deep breath — believe you can do it —  clear your head — believe you can do it — tackle life head on — believe you can do it — do it.

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