Who knew?

Who knew I could get so stark raving mad at a puppy peeing in the house?

I have been a single parent since Saturday morning and I think I’m going crazy.  I might already be crazy, but I don’t think a crazy person knows when they go crazy, do they?

Miss Fussy Butt was making noises and wouldn’t settle down in her play pen which was expanded to its largest option.  I had her in there with Sam since they really do seem to like being near each other.  I decided to try something new. This space is not as large as the “kitchen play pen” I had set up for them for the past few days (which she pees in *grumble*).  

There were several adorable moments in there and several “ANNIE, NO BITE!” moments as well.  Sam laid down after several minutes and Annie was then kind of chewing on Sam’s back hair. Oy!  Poor Sam can’t catch a break!

After not settling down for 30 minutes in there, I decided she needed to try to potty outside.

I lifted the puppy out of the play pen to go outside.  I sat her down at the door to show her how to ring the bell to go outside.  She ran to the water dish, but it is too late to be allowed a drink.  She got a sip and I pulled her away and dumped the water.  She ran to her crate to check for food which is right next to the back door.

I was settling her down at the door and she starts peeing.  Seriously?  She’s a slippery sucker when she ran out of my hands and I know that’s what did it — too much time out of the pen for getting outside.  ^@)*%(!)#(&%)(@!!!!!

I hooked up the leash, briskly walked (read pulled) her outside, and she did her business.  I’m not sure how she had more urine left in her bladder because she left me a HUGE puddle at the back door.  She had just been out 30 minutes before, when did all this come from? AHhh!!!!! *I am pulling my hair out*

I am so angry at her / at me / at pee! Ahhh!!!!!!  I am so sick of pee!!

I gently placed her in her play pen and shrunk it to the “I won’t pee in here it’s too small” size.  I proceeded to clean the floor, soaked up pee off the rug, then shook it outside since its purpose is to catch rocks and dust.  I walked it to the laundry room and she had the audacity to whine at me. I yelled, STFU!
I know… harsh…she’s only a puppy…

It’s been a very long 5 days.

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