Feeling loved

What a fantastic night.

I was so freaked out about my speech coming up tonight. I had jitters all day long!

I was in my first Speech Competition tonight.  I earned second place!! Wahoo!!! 

My husband, my biggest cheer leader, was there with camera in hand! 
My friend, D, (she’s a commenter here) made it as well. How awesome of her to take time out of her night for me!
T & J, T is a former Toastmaster – J is his wife, both came to show their support as well.

5 Fellow Toastmasters from my club also came (sure, some of them had jobs for the contest) and all of them had some form of purple on to show support. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?? Seriously?!? WAHOO!!!

I am so thankful for supportive friends.  I feel so loved.

Tonight was the first time I spoke in front of an audience of mostly strangers.  I have given training before to a MUCH LARGER group, but we were all co-workers, so I was comfortable.  I have given speeches in Toastmasters meetings, but that is a MUCH SMALLER crowd, and nervous but still comfortable.

Tonight, I had sweaty cold palms, the jitters, and the strong desire to run around the block before my speech.  I tried to remain calm, breathe deeply, and relax before the speech. Whew.  I think it worked as I wasn’t “breathy” and I didn’t have the shakes. YES!

I don’t know how the judges scored, and I don’t know what I could have done differently. Would I like to know? Yes.
Is it going to keep my up all night thinking about it? Nope.
Can I hope the winner tonight gets sick or disqualifies in some way so I can move forward to the next round of competition? Yes.

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