Sleep Deprivation

Being a new mom is hard.

I don’t remember it being so hard to raise Samantha when she was a new born. 

Samantha Puppy
Sammy Grrl taking a little break between play times in 1998.

These continual sleepless nights are really taking their toll on me and MMC Racing.  We get about 2 hours of sleep at a time.  I feel stupid when trying to have a conversation with another human being.  I joined Toastmasters to help clear up “umms” and “uhhs” and I feel like those are now the majority of words coming from my mouth.  I’m going to need a lot of practice to get those OUT of my vocabulary again.

An average “sleep cycle” starts like this.

7pm: No more water for the night.

9pm: Potty, walk or a little fetch in the back yard to use up whatever energy she’s got left. Then, play pen sleep time.

Annie on a walk before nap time, Sept 2013

12am: “I gotta pee” whine comes out of the girl. We go do the deed. And straight back to bed.  I usually do this with one eye open and in the pitch black of night.  We then listen to 10+ minutes of the “I don’t want to be in the play pen” whine. They are distinctly different.

2-3: “I gotta pee” whine comes out of the girl.  We go do the deed.  This time she is mostly awake and wants to play.  I am mostly asleep still though I try to stay awake with her and do a little play time on the floor.  Eventually it is play pen time, and more whining. Ahhhhh!!!!

5am: The alarm goes off for work for MMC Racing.  I try to get a little more sleep while he handles the morning duty with both dogs since it will be a busy day of in and out, potty and poop, play and sleep.  When she sleeps, I have to remind myself to rest, not try to clean or do something around the house.  This isn’t going to last for long as the house is again being neglected, as is the cooking! Bad Involuntary Housewife!

In the morning, I tend to take a little nap while the girls take a mid-morning nap. It doesn’t ever seem like enough.  I am ready for sleepy time by 7pm. If I did that, I would never see MMC Racing awake! Ahhh!!!!

This parenting thing is hard.

Momma needs some sleep.  I’ll be happy when she has a longer bladder time and can sleep through the night (or at least 6 hours since I wake up to go pee myself most nights).

2 thoughts on “Sleep Deprivation

  1. Suggestion, she needs a small crate that you can cover with a blanket! It will be like a den to her and she might just sleep longer! And it’s harder this time bc you are older! Imagine an actual human infant….you got it easy girl! Xoxo

    1. She has a small crate she’s not a fan of yet. She has a play pen that we keep about the size of her crate that she stays in during the day when she is not with us playing or eating. Ahhh!!!! She doesn’t mind the play pen all the time, just sometimes. The crate she doesn’t like most of the time. Grumble.

      I’ll get a large towel for it and we will try that next!!

      Parenting was not so hard the first time around- was it??

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