Where There Is a Will, There Is a Way

I know that I know this, but seeing her prove it — ON DAY ONE — made me realize I have something to learn from this little girl.

Annie proving on day one she's going to find a way to what she wants
Annie proving on day one she’s going to find a way to what she wants

Meet Annie. Well, you can kind of see her in this grainy camera phone, no flash, picture.

She was hungry by the time we got her home and got her puppy kibble. OH GIRL WAS SHE HUNG-GRRRR-RY!! We didn’t know when she last ate, and now that I think about it, it might have been over 24 hours! She was spayed on Friday and we got her on Saturday. We didn’t get her kibble until the afternoon. She gobbled it right up even with the cone on! She made me smile, then made me terrified! If she can figure that out in two seconds flat, what else is she going to figure out?!

She’s an escape artist!

She was able to push open her play pen that was folded around itself and pranced her way into the office. WHAT?! I was floored. Thankfully, no potty in the house!
The next day I tried a different folding technique. Worked for a little while, then SQUEeeeEEeeEeeeEEZE, she made a path OUT of the contraption.
TODAY! Today we figured out how to latch the play pen shut so she can’t get out! *muhahahhahahhahhaaahahaaa* I let out the evil laugh. “Now who’s got who, young lady?”

YEAH!! Humans win!! Humans win! We have opposable thumbs and we know how to use them to secure a play pen! *can you see me doing the happy dance?*

OK, enough with the funny business. What I really learned is that if I want something bad enough, I will move whatever is in my way to get it.
If I need to learn something, I will learn it.
If I need to overcome an obstacle, I will leap it.
If I need to make new contacts, I will greet them with a smile and a business card.

Thanks, (Not So Orphan) Annie for reminding me I have a strong will and I will find my way. ❤

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