Begin Anew

I swear I say it every few weeks. I’m going to try again at “this.”
And every few weeks, I fail at it.

It is a character flaw, I think. One I need to remedy.

I got this great email from a friend the other day that helped me do some searching within myself. There was no solution to life, but insight into his own and how I am not alone in my struggles.

While he doesn’t struggle with those things, he made me realize, we all struggle. I feel like I am the only one that doesn’t learning new things, following through with tasks I set for myself, or even simply keeping edible food in the house!!!  What is wrong with me?

The ‘thing’ that has inspired this post  — SQL.

I struggle with dedicating myself to learning SQL. I know it is good for me, but I struggle with wanting to do it. And when I do get into the swing of, I get lost. QUICKLY!  I start over from the beginning… well … chapter 2 or 3 and go from there. I struggle and struggle. I read, I do the example. I try my own example, but I keep having to look up the correct order or syntax. GRUBMLE!  When will I get it?????

There. I said it (I feel like I’m at a Programmers Anonymous Meeting).  I struggle with learning SQL (dedicating time , focusing, being drawn to do other more interesting things).

Help me realize I am not alone by adding your comments / feedback – What do you struggle with; try and fail and try again to accomplish?

One thought on “Begin Anew

  1. I struggle with organization and staying focused at work. The less organized I am the less focused I become. We all struggle, and its not a character flaw. It’s a sign of bring human and in fact is a ding of being a great character.

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