Hit Your Limit


One Day
One Day

“You don’t know what you are capable of until you hit your limit,” Okker says. “To actually know your limit, you have to be willing to try things you’ve never done before, even things that previously seemed impossible.”

from: http://news.missouri.edu/2013/powered-up-profs/

This link was sent to me care of a good friend, Steve Okker, Pat’s brother.

I can’t remember the last time I pushed myself so far, that I can say I hit my limit, that I completed the impossible. OK.. maybe I can, we’ll get to that in a bit.

Yesterday, I went on a hike in my neighborhood with a friend.  We climbed, walked, traipsed through places I had never been in the two+ years I have lived here, and all on “our hill.”  We watched out for rattle snakes and cacti as we weren’t interested in feeling either type of sting.  The steepest part (422 foot climb) really kicked my booty. 


Hike on the Hill
Hike on the Hill

What’s interesting though, is I never thought it was impossible to climb that hill (down or up), I just knew it would be hard.  I knew that going up was going to painful, more painful than I had felt in a long time, but I never thought it impossible.

It made me think — What do I think is impossible for me?  Yosemite and Flat Track Roller Derby.  Odd combination, I know.


I want to go back to Yosemite and hike up to a waterfall (or two).  That was impossible when we were there last year.  There was no way our bodies were in shape to do that climb.  We probably climbed higher than we probably should have for the condition we were in.

Sweaty after a super long hike at Yosemite
Sweaty after a super long hike at Yosemite

Currently, I feel that is impossible.  The hike yesterday made me realize that, and made me remember that I made that goal for myself: One day I will be able to climb wherever I want at Yosemite!


I also miss my wheels.  I think it has been 3.5 years since I started (and stopped) roller skating and practicing for Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby.  Sounds painful doesn’t it? It is.  At least the pictures I have seen sure tell me it is.  I need to find the courage to go back to practice and start over.  My knee injury is technically healed as the MRI is clear.  I am simply out of practice and probably off balance.  The same hiking friend wants to join me in Derby practice, so now it’s time to bite the bullet and go! GO GO GO!!!  Time to buy new knee pads.

Maybe this is the boost I have been needing to get my butt back in the gym! Yesterday’s gruesome hike, the clean MRI, the support of a friend, and this post from Pat. 

I will add working out back into my schedule since it seems to have fallen off the important things to do list.  I will push myself to go that extra bit that I think it impossible — push harder on the FreeStrider, lift one more rep, skate one more lap. Whatever my barrier is, I will break through.

Thanks Pat and Steve for your encouragement, your courage, and your willingness to share your story.

The Involuntary Housewife

Domestic Goddess in Training, Future Accomplished Yosemite Hiker, Future Roller Derby Newbie

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