Got the Apron On!

It’s been too long since I cooked! I mean it! What the heck has happened to this Domestic Goddess in Training stuff?  The training seemed to have ceased for several weeks. Sure, sure, there was a week plus of illness and then interview stuffs, but come on! Stop slacking lady!

Ok, enough with the beating myself up bit, the point of this post is I got off my tuckus and did some cooking!

Tonight I put on my apron and said, “We’re having Chicken Fettuccine with Mushrooms and Garlic Bread for dinner!

This is me ready to cook!

What the hell was I THINKING?  I had to run to two stores to get what I needed for tonight’s dinner as well as several others for the week. Then I had to be a dog mom, put the cold stuff away, and do some dishes (I think I mentioned I slacked off a bit) so I could get the knife and cutting board I wanted to use. WOW!

When MMC Racing came home I had the kitchen FULL of STUFF!  From the left to the right.

Toaster oven — no idea what setting I need to use.
Cutting board with bread partially cut.
Stove — largest pot we own with pasta boiling.
Stove — high rimmed pan reducing the mushroom saucy stuff — and it wasn’t reducing as fast as it said it would!
Foreman Grill — grilling chicken breasts.

That is pretty much the full length of the counter we have. It was so full up I didn’t know what to do!

“Here, you’re in charge of the garlic bread.” I handed MMC Racing the butter and a knife.  I was overwhelmed and frantic! The pasta wasn’t cooking fast enough. The chicken was done and being kept warm under some foil.  The mushrooms looked like they were floating in water, not chicken stock, and it was just too much! AHhhH!!!!  *Calgon, take me away!*

After a moment, a wonderful delicious moment including a long awaited passionate kiss, I was able to catch my breath and finish the meal.

We enjoyed the food (no picture today – it was not pretty) together at the table after a busy day for both of us.  It was great to catch up together, chat, and discuss our food adventure.

Tomorrow — Chicken Chorizo Tacos with Baked Black Beans with Chorizo OR I go out with a girl friend and let him fend for himself! :O

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