Interview Preparations

I recently read:  How to Answer Interview Questions, by Peggy McKee


My review: This book was very helpful in my interview preparations.  I specifically liked the example answers to the questions.  There is enough substance and guidance to help me answer the question using my personal experiences instead of having vague replies.  Peggy also has a great sense of humor that comes through in many of the answers.  I have read the book once all the way through, thinking of my answers.  I will go through it again and write down my answers; this time spending the needed time on thoughtful and specific responses.  Thank you, Peggy McKee for writing this book!


More about Peggy here.


I found she asked a lot of questions that I don’t remember being asked before… and I knew instantly this book was worth a heck of a lot more than I paid!  I will be doing what I said I would in my review. I am going to grab the laptop, a big glass of water (or two), and my new book. We are all going to sit down and answer these questions as honestly and professionally as possible.  And then, I will nail the interview I have this week!

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