Begin Anew

I swear I say it every few weeks. I’m going to try again at “this.” And every few weeks, I fail at it. It is a character flaw, I think. One I need to remedy. I got this great email from a friend the other day that helped me do some searching within myself. There […]

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Not Just Bacon

Neighbor Spotlight—Not Just Bacon Penelope is an adorable pet that lives around the corner from me.  She has two human parents and two canine siblings, Lucy and Diego.  She is the smallest of the pack, but not the quietest. She’s got a great sniffer like her older siblings.  She knows tricks and listens to the rules of […]

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The Community Newsletter

Do you like your community newsletter?  Don’t have one? Need me to write it for you? Let me know! I like mine, so much so that I started to help write it! =) Sky Ranch Newsletter – June July I wrote several of the articles in this newsletter, and I plan on writing more in […]

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Facebook Test Post

Sorry for the interruption t normal programming. The Involuntary Housewife Broadcast System is testing the connection from WordPress to Facebook.     Please comment on this post if you have a need you’d like The Involuntary Housewife to attempt to remedy.   Thank you, this should conclude the test of The Involuntary Housewife Broadcast System.

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Who knew Chorizo was so good?

Well, I had no idea how delicious until tonight! I made these two recipes tonight and I loved them both! For some reason, I am in LOVE with the Chicken-Chorizo mixture.  MMC Racing enjoyed the meal, but I loved it!  This will be added to the rotation.   I will post pictures of the real […]

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Got the Apron On!

It’s been too long since I cooked! I mean it! What the heck has happened to this Domestic Goddess in Training stuff?  The training seemed to have ceased for several weeks. Sure, sure, there was a week plus of illness and then interview stuffs, but come on! Stop slacking lady! Ok, enough with the beating […]

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Take the wheel and Drive

I almost feel like I am in control again, and if you know me, you know much I do NOT like being out of control. The title of this post is a lyric from one of my favorite songs by the band: Ra. “Take the wheel and Drive” I decided I’m going to start driving […]

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