I can make that for you!

For dinner we’re going to cook some frozen pasta we have.  Nothing exciting, I know.  MMC Racing had his wisdom teeth pulled so we’re eating soft foods for a week.  The pasta we happened to have in the freezer already.

It’s time to start dinner and I am filling the stock pot full of water for the pasta.  I notice the hubby in the pantry.  “Whatcha lookin’ for?” I give a shout to him as I hear his hands are rummaging through the shelves.  “Pasta sauce.”

I move the stock pot to the burner and as I add salt I say, “I can make some for you!” Did I just say that? Seriously? Did I just volunteer to make him a tomato sauce?

“Grab a can of tomatoes and a can of tomato paste, please.” I am smiling.  Only a chef knows what she needs without looking at the full recipe after only making it once before.  I have a red onion from the neighbor, some minced garlic in the fridge, fresh tomatoes from the yard, salt, pepper, seasonings… everything I need right there! 

I reach for the Good Housekeeping cookbook from the stack of books I use frequently and search for the recipe I have used before.  I know the basic ingredients but I need the measures before I would feel comfortable starting to cook it.  I am quickly trying to find it because MMC Racing wants to eat, and I need to make sure he eats at a reasonable time so he doesn’t get an upset stomach.  I can’t find it. Oh sure book – make a liar out of me! I was getting angry with the book. Hello? Inanimate object.  You can’t get mad at a book. I flip through the index in the back for a second time, this time looking under sauce instead of tomato or pasta. Duh. It is a sauce first.

“Found it!”  I nearly jump up and down in the kitchen I am so excited I found it.  I confirm I have what I need and start rinsing and chopping.  I check in with him that a 20 minute turnaround time once it starts cooking is ok. Yep. Great!  I happily chop up 1 small red onion. Normally I would have used the white onion I had on the counter, but it was a large onion and I didn’t want to waste it.  What’s also great is the red onion is sweet and I think we both like our sauce on the sweet side, so this would be a good compliment. I hope!

I scoop out the minced garlic from the jar I have in the fridge.  While I am not a fan of using the jarred stuff, it is handy when the garlic you bought at the store was already growing its little green sprout! 

I slice up three little tomatoes from the garden and dump the veggie trash in the counter composter. Woot!

I turn on both burners. Add the olive oil to the 2 quart pot and start the cookin’! Wahoo!

Dinner turned out delicious.

I think I am still stunned that I made sauce from scratch, on a whim!  I said to MMC Racing who’s sitting on the couch, “6 months ago I would have said, ‘Sorry, babe.’ about the sauce and would have expected him to go without. But today, I was all ‘get me some stuff and I’ll make it for you!’  How crazy is that?” 

There is something about tonight’s lack of hesitation that has me really liking myself!  I never would have offered to make red sauce before this Involuntary Housewife thing.  I feel accomplished. 

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