Nudge. Nudge.

Sammy’s cold nose is reaching on to the bed.  She shakes the bed more than she touches me.  I squint at the clock. 4:15am on a non-work day. Sammy, haven’t you learned your holidays yet?  I put my hand out to pet her in the dark.  She accepts the rubs and nudges the bed again.  Ok. I understand what you need.  Hang on while I wake up. I don’t say anything because MMC Racing is still quietly sleeping and I’d like to let him sleep as long as he likes. He has a big cooking day ahead of him that he needs to be on top of!

I grab my clothes in the dark, my glasses, and my cell phone for light.  We walk out of the bedroom as quietly as possible.  I don’t think he hears a thing because even when the door squeaked shut, he didn’t make a peep!  

Now I gotta go Sammy! If I don’t go, we’ll both make a mess the second we walk out the door. Hang on girl!  We make our way outside in the mostly dark morning sky.  I managed to remember to grab the flash light on my way out, a rarity for me.  Sammy was happy because it illuminated her path, just enough, so she didn’t trip on things.  SUCCESS!!  Sammy went quickly and all is solid and normal. Thank goodness you’re normal Sam, because I don’t think I could handle a not normal day today.

Now that I’m awake, I give her a cookie and fresh water, grab a shake and my laptop, it’s time to get some work done. And when I say work – I mean email and Facebook.  Then go through all of my job related emails. 

Wish a life long friend a Happy Birthday, like a few posts, and post something about dinner last night.  Then I applied for another position at a local company, this time one in my field unlike the one they want me to interview for on Tuesday.

Now that I’m done with that I’m thinking of the list of things to do for the day.  Do I start then now while husband is sleeping or do I write and work on things that I want to do?   My body kind of wants to move even though my knee hurts already.  I can easily go outside this morning while it’s cool and pick up poop.  Yeah.. I guess I’ll go do that since I need the exercise.  I’ll do squats while I’m out there to make my knee hurt some more.

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