Life on the Hill

It is quiet. It is picturesque.  It is my forever home.

There is a near constant breeze coming up from the canyon below.  Some days it is cool. Some days it is warm.  Every day it is welcomed.

The mountain side which is green in the rainy season has turned brown now that Mother Nature has turned off her water works.  It is a lovely sight at sundown when the whole thing turns brilliant shades of orange.  It is a beautifully stark contrast against the sky at dusk.

The numerous colorful birds are constantly chirping their unique songs while sitting on the fence looking around at us or at the canyon.  There is one I haven’t found out what it is yet, that has a salmon colored head, which sings a song I just love.  I stop and listen every time I hear it, thanking the little birdie silently, so I don’t scare it away.

The hummingbirds buzz by quickly, yet flit and float in the trees and flowering bushes.  I was lucky enough to see one with a red torso.  They move so quickly in the sun that I have a hard time catching what color hummingbirds come to visit.  We must have planted the right things because they visit every day, no feeder required.

A roadrunner (sometimes two) makes its presence known with a mechanical sounding rattle and slowly wags its tail up and down when perched on the fence.  Other times it trots on the ground inside our fence line.  I am so intrigued by these beautiful creatures.  I need to learn what will make them visit more often.

The lizards sneak out from behind the shutters and do pushups on the house to flow the air under and around their bodies.  I love these bug eating creatures.

The garden is growing all kinds of vegetables.  Each plant pops up at a different time and it is pure pleasure to know that one day we will be eating out of our hand tilled garden.  This is our first garden in our adult lifetime.  I am excited to see what we get and what everything tastes like.

The compost bin is full of yard debris, fruit peels, and vegetable scraps.  It is slowly decomposing and will be used one day in the garden to renew the cycle of life.

The shade from the solid roof patio cover keeps the outdoor living space comfortable and usable most waking hours of the day.  The ceiling fan gets turned on when just a little extra breeze is what we need to keep it cool enough to stay outside.

The comfortable fabric couch converts into a full sized bed.  It turns out this bed is an amazingly comfortable napping place in the middle of the afternoon.

How I love life on the hill.

4 thoughts on “Life on the Hill

  1. What a great post. I could almost see and hear the birds. You are indeed a writer now we just have to get you published.

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