I cooked!

Yes, that’s right.  It was Monday and I decided I should make dinner.  I was looking for a recipe that utilized Rosemary since I noticed our Rosemary bush is HUGE!  It is pretty awesome to be able to go into the yard and grab what you need for dinner on any given night.  I searched my digital recipes for “rosemary” and I came across this amazing recipe.  I do not know where I grabbed it from, so I apologize now to whoever posted it.

Michael Symon’s Mac and Cheese with Roasted Chicken, Goat Cheese and Rosemary

Skill level:  Easy                

Time: 30-60min                

Servings: 8                         

Cost: $

Contributed by: Michael Symon


Michael has served this dish at his restaurant Lola for years, but now you can make it at home. With just a few minutes’ worth of work you can indulge in this decadent take on a classic American dish.



•     Kosher Salt

•     1 pound Dried Rigatoni

•     1 quart (4 cup) Heavy Cream

•     2 tablespoon Chopped Fresh Rosemary

•     8 ounce Fresh Goat Cheese (1 cup)

•     2 cup Shredded Roasted Chicken

•     Black Pepper



•     Colander

•     Pot w/Lid (2)

•     Liquid Measuring Cup

•     Measuring Cup (set)

•     Measuring Spoons

•     Mixing Spoon


Ingredients & Steps


Kosher Salt

Bring a large pot of water to a boil, and add enough salt so that it tastes seasoned.


1 quart (4 cup) Heavy Cream

2 tablespoon Chopped Fresh Rosemary

Kosher Salt

While the water is coming to a boil, put the cream, rosemary, and a pinch salt and pepper in a large saucepan over high heat. Bring just to a simmer, then lower the heat to medium and simmer to reduce the mixture by half.


2 cup Shredded Roasted Chicken

Add the chicken to the cream and bring the mixture back to a simmer. Continue cooking until it coats the back of a spoon, about 30 minutes.


1 pound Dried Rigatoni

Add the rigatoni to the boiling water and cook it until al dente, about 10 minutes. Drain the pasta from the water and add to the sauce.


8 ounce Fresh Goat Cheese (1 cup)

Black Pepper

Kosher Salt

Add goat cheese to pot. Toss the pasta to combine it with the sauce and bring it back to just a simmer. Adjust seasoning to taste.

 Fancy Mac and Cheese

I ran to the grocery store for a few of the fresh items I didn’t have in the house.  Goat cheese is EXPENSIVE!  Grumble.  I felt like a cheated by buying the roasted chicken from the Deli, but I didn’t want to learn how to roast a chicken.  

I took 5 cuttings from the Rosemary bush. STICKY! I was sticky even after washing my hands, but it was so worth it in the long run.  I washed off the cuttings and set them aside to drain.

I pulled the goat cheese out of the fridge when I started shredding the chicken because I felt it should be closer to room temperature for melting, than straight from the fridge.  I also gave it a course chop to speed the melting process.

Shredding chicken is easy, just a little time consuming depending on how much shredding you want to do.  The roasted chicken I got from the store made about 4 cups of shredded chicken.  I need to come up with a way to use the 2 cups leftover soon. I don’t want it to go to waste; that wouldn’t be very frugal of me now would it?

I made sure to mix white and dark meat into this recipe. I figured the sauce would make up for any dryness of the breast. I was right.

In my food prepping journey, I have become accustomed to doing all of the measuring and chopping before doing any of the cooking.  I find that I get lost if I don’t pull all the ingredients together, then start cooking.  Maybe because I am so process driven, a follow the directions type of person, doing anything out of order gets me lost?!

Did you know when heavy cream boils, it acts like a pot of boiling pasta? It gets all foamy and needs constant attention! Eeek!  Well, I learned that on the spot.  Thankfully, I didn’t make a huge mess of the kitchen.

The cream took a fair amount of time to cook down, about 25-30 minutes.  Be patient with it, is what I learned.  Stir, simmer, let some bubbles grow, repeat.  And yes, I stay in the kitchen the whole time I am cooking.  The TV may be on in the background, but I am not watching it.  If I leave the kitchen, my brain will forget I am cooking, and poof – burnt food.  I can multi-task for work and other things, but NOT in the kitchen.

Overall, I would say this recipe was easy (especially if you aren’t learning how to roast your own chicken) just time consuming.  It took about 45 minutes of cook time, most of it tending to the heavy cream reducing.

MMC Racing enjoyed it so this is a will cook again recipe.

One thought on “I cooked!

  1. I am so proud of you!! That was a wonderful recipe!! Now, get on Pinterest and search for shredded chicken for your followup recipe!! MMC Racing is gonna love your leftovers!!

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