Do you get sweaty palms when you have to give a presentation or speech?  Joining Toastmasters will give you comfortable space to practice your speaking skills.  You will get positive feedback and constructive advice with each speech you give from fellow Toastmasters and experienced speech givers, called Evaluators.

Do you stutter or say “uh” or “ya know” a lot?  Joining Toastmasters will help you eliminate bad speaking behaviors and start good speaking habits.  The “Ah Counter” will give you auditory indications to help you identify when you use filler words.

Do you have a hard time speaking on the spur of the moment?  Joining Toastmasters will help you to learn how to speak extemporaneously during Table Topics.  Each week a new topic is brought up for discussing by the Table Topics Master.  A different question is asked of each member and you will have 45 seconds to respond.  This is a great exercise to learn to “think on your feet!”

Do you have a hard time limiting how much you speak or have a hard time filling speaking time? Joining Toastmasters will help you learn to fill time with relevant content with each speech you present.  The Timer will visually let you know when you have reached your minimum, median, and maximum speaking time.

Do you have difficulty coming up with the right words to get your point across? Joining Toastmasters will give you an opportunity to learn from Evaluators who will give you recommendations on how to change up what you say and how you say it.

Do you want to expand your vocabulary? Each week the Grammarian presents a word to the club.  The goal is to use it correctly during the meeting to get comfortable using it in daily life. 

We will see YOU at the next Real Orators Toastmasters meeting on Friday morning!


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Real Orators Toastmasters Club – Club #: 474, District: 05, Established: 3/1/1978
Meetings held at the  Santee Chamber of Commerce (Corner of Mission Gorge & Cottonwood)
10315 Mission Gorge Rd
Santee, CA, 92071-3031
Meeting Time: 7:25 a.m., Friday Club
Status: Open to all


4 thoughts on “Toastmasters

  1. Thanks for the nudge. I have NO trouble with Public Speaking (never have – popped out of the womb pontificating and have worked in the Distance Learning field since the dawn of the day) — but I AM having trouble making new friends, since I work out of my apt. I don’t get out much here. (Conference attendance doesn’t really help with this one)

    I have been meaning to check out ToastMasters as a way to meet some live people with bodies (Since I work virtually, all of my buds anymore are voices in my headset or gravitars – really!)

    And I don’t care HOW much you speak, you can always use brush-up, practice & feedback. NOW, I “just” have to track one near me – can’t afford to fly to California to meet with you (Cali, right? – I’m on the other coast)

    Beginning to feel like a stalker [:-D] I’ll come back later to see more of what you’re up to.

    Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, CMC, SCAC, MCC
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    (blogs: ADDandSoMuchMore, ADDerWorld & ethosconsultancynz – dot com)
    “It takes a village to educate a world!”

    1. Madelyn — Did you find one yet? How’s it going? I have to give a speech next week and I haven’t started writing it! I have been a bit busy on the job hunt, but there are enough hours in the day to start a speech, I have been slacking.

      1. Nope – life happened (car died, AND more), so I’ve been juggling like a mad thing. Once I get the car working again (and I catch up on all the tasks that slid under the mat for lack of transportation), I’ll put it on my list again.

        Thanks for the nudge.

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