What’s in your pantry?

I often wonder what other people keep in their pantry.

We started buying canned food in bulk and storing it by the case a year or so ago.  We originally wanted to have food on hand in case of an emergency.  Here in Southern California we could have any number of natural disasters; we thought we should be prepared for anything.

What’s great is our stock has come in handy for non-emergencies since it’s like having “free ingredients” in the house for all kinds of recipes!

On tight budget weeks I try to find things in the pantry or freezer to make a whole meal without having to go to the store.  Of course, we prefer fresh foods more than frozen, but when you need to save a few bucks today and you spent the money a few months ago, this is an ideal time to shop at home!


Tell me: What do you keep stocked in the pantry or freezer — and what your go to meal is with those items?

2 thoughts on “What’s in your pantry?

  1. OK…so, I can post!! YEAH!! In my freezer…my go to thing for days when I DO NOT WANT TO COOK….is POTSTICKERS!! Fry up some with a sauce I make with soy and spices….green salad…and wa-la….SUPPER!!!!

  2. For me it is frozen pizza, fried mozzarella sticks, fried mushrooms or pasta if the kids are home. I always have the cheese sticks and mushrooms handy. I tend to run out of pizzas. Lately it has been pancake/waffle mix to whip a filling meal.

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