The Food Prepper

What you haven’t learned about me yet, is that I don’t cook. Hence the subtitle: Domestic Goddess in Training.

I have been married for nearly 15 years and I am just now beginning to cook.  Sure, a dessert or a side dish here and there over the years, but real cooking? No way!

Ok… I still don’t really cook.  I Prep.  I have so much anxiety over the actual cooking process.  I can’t seem to time anything. I freak out.

Now that I am a Domestic Goddess in training, I am trying to plan meals for the week, buy everything, and do all of the prep work.  I do SOME of the cooking for dinner, but mostly that’s MMC Racing’s gig.  I enjoy the prep work: chopping, dicing, and slicing.

For some unknown reason the monotonous task makes me happy.  I lose myself in the preparation process.  I measure closely. I clean up as I go. I dump the veggie food waste into the kitchen compost container for later dumping outside.  I feel fulfilled.  I know that it will lead to something yummy when it is all pulled together.

When it comes time to do the cooking, I pull out all of the prepped work from the fridge. I lay it all out, in the order it is needed, and hand the reigns over to the chef.  I play the supporting role when needed, but otherwise I try to stay out of the way and let him work his magic.  Sometimes I watch, but mostly, I leave the kitchen.

I will keep you posted on what I prep and even what I actually cook!

One thought on “The Food Prepper

  1. I used to do ALL the cooking after I retired. Since Carly retired I fix breakfast at 9:00am. She fixes any food for lunch and dinner. I do all the kitchen clean-up and run the dishwasher. So far it is working really well. I like to cook sometimes but not often. I am GREAT at fixing breakfast items, French toast & sausage patties, bacon & scrambled eggs w/toast, pancakes w/sausage patties, omelets, fried potatoes and eggs and other small dishes.

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